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Improve your business with the technology, cost effectiveness and efficiency of modern human resource solutions.

What We Do Best


HR Shared Services

We help businesses optimize human resource processes, procedures  and practices by assisting business leaders to align human resource strategy to business strategy.  Our team can provide comprehensive human resource support, helping businesses keep up with constant legislative changes (Employment Standards, Health and Safety and other regulations), crafting the right policies to maintain compliance, training your staff and managing your human resource processes and documentation.

Let us help you manage the people, so you can focus on running the business. Tailored human resource solutions with a wide variety of ways to service your needs in:

·         Meeting legislative requirements

·         Utilizing government employment  programs and training grants

·         Acquiring, developing and retaining top talent

·         Transforming processes with innovative technology

·         Creating a strong and rewarding culture and employee experience

·         Crafting, negotiating  and administering Compensation & Benefit plans

·         Managing Payroll



Let us help you design, implement and manage a HR strategy that supports your business model for the Short, Medium and Long-Term.

Find the resources you need to operate effectively and efficiently through a mix of employees, freelancers, contract workers, and remote staff. Take advantage of the global talent pool, technology and best practices with modern human resource applications.






Don’t just hire the right people. Train and develop them too. Our modern coaching methodologies support one-on-one, group and organizational coaching that result in marked improvements in work performance, increased levels of motivation, higher levels of empathy and a strong sense of organizational citizenship.

We combine our passion for  people, service-orientation and life experiences to help people navigate the changes, challenges and opportunities in their personal and professional lives to increase work performance and facilitate continuous professional development.

My specialties include:

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Team/Group Coaching
  • Organizational Coaching.

One-on-One Coaching

Personalized professional development coaching that helps you discover your passion, grow your career and transform your personal and professional life into the life you envision for yourself. 

Team/Group Coaching

Get more out of team work. Tailored coaching to help you manage diversity, improve communication, effectively manage conflict and blend strengths and opportunities to achieve your goals.

Organizational Coaching

Transform your organization, boost productivity and ensure continuance with strategic succession planning, leadership development, creation of career development opportunities and aligned employee engagement and retention strategies.