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HR transformation solutions for businesses at any age and stage.

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HR Shared Services

Optimize human resource processes, procedures and practices by aligning your human resource strategy to business strategy. Transform your people operations through comprehensive human resource support and leave the stress of staying abreast of constant legislative changes, consistently crafting the right policies to maintain compliance, supporting your employees and senior management, and maintaining high levels of employee engagement and productivity to us.

Let us help you create and manage an optimized people operations solution so you can focus on running your business. We provide tailored human resource solutions with a wide variety of ways to service your needs in:

·         Meeting legislative requirements

·         Utilizing government employment programs and training grants

 ·         Acquiring, developing, performance managing and retaining top talent

 ·         Transforming processes with innovative technology

 ·         Creating a strong and rewarding culture and employee experience

 ·         Crafting, negotiating and administering Compensation & Benefit plans

 ·         Managing Payroll

HR Transformation Services:

Transformation takes time, resources and people. Leverage the benefits of having a full project team working alongside your HR professional or team to optimize operations. Through human resource transformation project management and implementation services we help you define, align, refine and execute HR projects in record time, resulting in greater efficiency, lower costs, shorter downtime and a quicker ROI.

With a proven record of leading and managing HR operations and HR transformation projects, let us get your HR projects implemented on-time and on-budget.

Consulting and Coaching:

Building a strong productive and effective HR strategy and team to support your organization takes time and resources. Leverage our expertise to help you design, implement and manage a HR strategy that supports your business model for the Short, Medium and Long-Term.

Through Consulting and Coaching we provide the resources and support to empower your team to design and execute a HR strategy that is effectively and efficiently aligned with your business strategy. Take advantage of the global talent pool, technology and best practices by investing in your HR professional or team with consulting and coaching.