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The Job Seeker’s Guide to Choosing the Right Company

 Many candidates think that the job search journey is one-sided. That it is only the company that should be particular about what they want. That is far from the truth. The job market is flooded with great talent and amazing companies that are both looking for value and the ‘right’ fit. Once you have navigated the complex, challenging and ever-changing world of job search, you are ready to decide if the company(s) that excite and entice you, will be the right fit.

Why you should tailor your resume

Your job search success is often determined by little, subtle things that you do to stand out. Your resume is often the first opportunity to make a strong first impression. Make sure that it says why you are the best fit for the job. Your resume is only part of your job search strategy; make sure it is a strong and effective part.

3 Things you NEED to do to Get Hired Faster

Has your job search come to a grinding halt? Have you been hitting up every job board and reading all the blogs and articles you can find, but still not getting interviews or offers? Before you panic, loose heart and give up, let’s take a look at what your job search might be missing. Here are three things you need to do to get hired FASTER!