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Are you Enabling or Stifling Employee Feedback?

The famous words of Bill Gates are timeless in describing the value of feedback, “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve,” Without feedback it is almost impossible for any company to move forward. In an age where your employees are part of your competitive advantage, it is counterintuitive to not engage employees and provide opportunities for them to provide suggestions, ideas and feedback to help improve the organization.

Head + Heart + Hand: The Formula for Successful Employee Engagement

Every company runs on employee fuel. Employees are the drivers, movers, shakers and breakers of companies. Whether we believe it or not, if we do not use our employee fuel effectively, efficiently or strategically, our business will fizzle out and grind to a halt.

More companies are beginning to see the value of employee engagement. Some of the most common and popular benefits of employee engagement include increased productivity, increased retention due to employee satisfaction, and increased profitability from creativity and innovation.

Employee On-boarding – A Key to Employee Engagement

Employee engagement should be part of the overall human resource business strategy. Like any successful strategy, no section is isolated from the other. Each part of the strategy lays the foundation for the success of the other and eventually the whole. Employee on-boarding provides a great opportunity for the company to engage an employee and help them assimilate successfully into the culture, their department and support organizational success. Is your employee on-boarding process supporting your overall HR strategy?