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The Job Seeker’s Guide to Choosing the Right Company

 Many candidates think that the job search journey is one-sided. That it is only the company that should be particular about what they want. That is far from the truth. The job market is flooded with great talent and amazing companies that are both looking for value and the ‘right’ fit. Once you have navigated the complex, challenging and ever-changing world of job search, you are ready to decide if the company(s) that excite and entice you, will be the right fit.

Finding your purpose: How one event can change the course of your life

Life experiences are designed to teach, enlighten and empower us. We tap into that when we are in tune with who we are and what we love doing to discover what we are on this earth to do. Only you can find your purpose. Only you can chart and stay the path that leads you to career joy or keeps you in career misery. Many times, it is the simple, inconspicuous and unlikely events in life that point, propel and plant us in our purpose

5 Things you can do now to take your career to the next level

Have you been feeling stagnant in your current role? Are you feeling the itch for something more? Or maybe you are just looking forward to moving to the next level of your career. Maybe you never thought about your career, but now that I’ve mentioned it you are thinking about it. Whether you fall into any of those categories or not, at some point in our career we are all looking for opportunities to grow, broaden our knowledge, be a more valuable contributor and of course, ultimately make more money. What can you do? Should you muster up the courage to ask for a raise or promotion? Before you scare yourself into panic, let’s talk about a few things that send the same message to your manager and organization that you are ready to take your career to the next level.