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The Job Seeker’s Guide to Choosing the Right Company

 Many candidates think that the job search journey is one-sided. That it is only the company that should be particular about what they want. That is far from the truth. The job market is flooded with great talent and amazing companies that are both looking for value and the ‘right’ fit. Once you have navigated the complex, challenging and ever-changing world of job search, you are ready to decide if the company(s) that excite and entice you, will be the right fit.

5 Things you can do now to take your career to the next level

Have you been feeling stagnant in your current role? Are you feeling the itch for something more? Or maybe you are just looking forward to moving to the next level of your career. Maybe you never thought about your career, but now that I’ve mentioned it you are thinking about it. Whether you fall into any of those categories or not, at some point in our career we are all looking for opportunities to grow, broaden our knowledge, be a more valuable contributor and of course, ultimately make more money. What can you do? Should you muster up the courage to ask for a raise or promotion? Before you scare yourself into panic, let’s talk about a few things that send the same message to your manager and organization that you are ready to take your career to the next level.

3 Reasons why you are failing your interview

Making it to the interview it itself is an achievement. Don’t let yourself get in the way and prevent you from being able to make the best of the opportunity. If you do not make it to the next round it should because the other person was really that much better. Take your time to do your research, practice your interview for a flawless delivery and maintain your professionalism. All the best on your next interview.

4 Best Job Search Tools

Break away from the pack in your job search by doing things a little differently. The times have changed, but most of the information around has remained the same. I recently heard someone say that they have tried just about everything they can to land a job. In my experience, even after you have heard everything, often it is the approach to the same thing or an alternate use of the same information that makes the difference between the people who land the job and the people who are still looking for their next opportunity.

Don’t Just Stand Out…Lean In!

Everyone today is trying to stand out and be different. I also believe in standing out and being different. However, there is no one strategy that works every time. As times change and evolve, job seekers will need to do more than just stand out. You will need to lean in. How do you lean in?

Overcoming Interview Anxiety

Overcoming interview anxiety lies in the preparation and knowledge of yourself and using that to your advantage. Keys to overcoming your anxiety include aiming for mutual discovery in the process, learning through questions, being body conscious, being authentic and ensuring you adequately prepare. Get ready for your next interview, your opportunity awaits you.


How asking the Right Questions can boost your Job Search

There are no silly questions! In your job search, questions are a great way to find out information that can put you ahead of the pack. Consider questions at every stage of your search – from questioning your choice in roles to questions about your fit for the job and salary tolerance. Questions can provide valuable insight. However, if you fail to ask questions, or don’t ask the right ones, you may be missing out.


3 Interview Mistakes to Avoid

You made it to the interview and now it’s time to deliver! You’ve practiced, you’ve prayed and now you are here. So many people make it this far and fail to deliver. Whether it’s nerves, lack of preparation or just a case of being overwhelmed, you cannot afford not to take charge of the situation and close the deal. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.” Here are 3 mistakes to avoid as you prepare for your next interview.

3 Easy Steps to Maximize your Social Resume

In an age where connecting, personal branding and technology are transforming the recruitment process, job search strategies need to evolve. One of the popular trends in personal branding is creating a social presence. Creating a social presence not only stops on LinkedIn or Facebook but extends to your social resume as well. If you have never thought of, created, or used a social resume, learn how to create one and maximize it with these 3 easy steps.

“This is how I can solve your problem…”

The job search journey should be a mutual discovery process. You are trying to understand what the company is looking for, while the company is trying to understand how you solve their problem. The recruitment process can sometimes feel like an audition for the ultimate transaction – work for money. You can change it up and become a ‘stand out’ candidate by talking about how you can ‘help’ or ‘solve the problem’. To do that, you need to take charge of the situation and develop ways to get yourself in the position to solve that problem and get hired!

Companies Hire Awesome!

Have you ever wondered why you go through so many recruitment processes but never get selected? Are you reviewing your resume and your interview performance and still wondering why you’ve never made the cut? Here’s why. Companies are hiring 'Awesome', not good. In this era with hundreds and thousands of candidates applying, companies have the opportunity to select from very highly qualified, experienced and tenacious candidates. It is taking more to stand out in the competitive market place today. Here are three ways to stand out and show companies that you are not just good, but Awesome.


3 Skills that keep you hired

All top employees have employ-ability skills. These are the skills we should possess if we want to get and keep that top job and remain successful in any organization. These are skills we cannot record on our resume even though we know we have them. Let us look at some of these skills that are considered as vital and important to demonstrate for any potential employer.

3 Reasons why you NEED a Job Search Strategy

The job-seeker journey can be a long and frustrating one. You send out hundreds of resumes, complete countless phone interviews, meet for in-person interviews and then the silence. You wait, call, email, follow on social media and then the post goes away. The role has been filled. What’s worse? It was filled weeks ago, but you never heard. You reflect. What could you have done differently?  Don’t fall into a rut and run out of steam. Albert Einstein describes ineffective routines best, “Insanity, doing the same thing over and over again but expecting the same results.” Get a job search strategy.


5 Ways to get more Interviews

You drafted the perfect resume, you sent it out and now you wait. In the words of Jeffery Dean Morgan, “Persistence pays off”. Don’t just sit there waiting for the phone to ring. This job search journey is yours! Take charge of your success and be persistent. Here are five ways to take charge of your job search and get MORE interviews.

The Jobseeker Journey

Everyone has a reason for launching out. Here is my “Why?”

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