Dear Applicant, Please READ the Job Description

Dear Applicant, Please READ the Job Description

In recent weeks I have come across several candidates that past the initial screening and made it to the phone interview. There were three experiences that stood out for me.

The first…

The phone interview started off well. Great resume and applicable experience for the entry-level role we were recruiting for. We started to broach the high-level responsibilities of the role. After the first two duties, the candidate interrupted. To summarize, they did not realize that the nature and duties of the job were not what they were looking for.

The second…

The resume looked great. We moved forward with the phone interview. We started to discuss what the candidate did at the last two roles they were at. The experience at the first company they described aligned with what we were looking for. They clearly knew the core processes involved. About half way into describing the second job, they commented “I believe I am a good fit for this role. Where are you guys located?” I provided our location to which he explained that the distance was too far from his house. The address is one of the first things in our job description.

The third…

This candidate was applying for an entry-level role. At the beginning of the phone interview the candidate asked what the main duties of the job was. After providing a brief description of the role, I asked him about the experiences on his resume. His experiences were almost a perfect match for what we were looking for, but I was quite disappointed that he had not even reviewed the job description considering we had emailed out an invitation for the interview almost a week before.

Preparation is KEY to any successful job search. Your resume can only get you over the first hurdle. Once you have successfully passed the prescreen your next hurdle is to optimize your one-on-one time with the recruiter and/or hiring manager in the phone or in-person interview. At the very least you MUST read the job description.

Job-seeker Tip #1 – The job description holds a lot of the clues to solving the recruiter or hiring manager’s problems. The description should be your checklist when cross-referencing your resume before you send it in.

Job-seeker Tip #2 – READ the job description:

  • Before you apply
  • Before you complete the phone interview
  • Before you complete the in-person interview

Reading the job description multiple times will help you get more familiar with the requirements of the role. The more familiar you are with the requirements, the more comfortable you will be when you talk to the recruiter or hiring manager.

Job-seeker Tip #3 – Refer to the job description when you interact with the potential employer. Stand out as a superior candidate by continuously and consistently showing how your profile of experiences, education and skills solve the problems in the job description.

Hopefully these tips will help you show your best self and optimize interactions throughout the recruitment process.


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