5 Ways to get more Interviews

5 Ways to get more Interviews

You drafted the perfect resume, you sent it out and now you wait. In the words of Jeffery Dean Morgan, “Persistence pays off”. Don’t just sit there waiting for the phone to ring. This job search journey is yours! Take charge of your success and be persistent. Here are five ways to take charge of your job search and get MORE interviews.

  1. Network and Engage

The word of the day for every job-seeker, hiring professional and career coach is network. They talk about the best ways to network, network more effectively and build a network. Again, I stress networking. The hidden job market is real. To find it you not only have to network but engage as well.

Too many people think networking is just adding people to your LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Twitter and following key influencers. That’s a start, but you also need to engage.

  1. Build your personal brand and competitive advantage

Everyone should develop their personal brand. There are many personal branding experts that share posts, videos and even teach classes on personal branding. My rule of thumb is to think of the three words that best describe you and your personality. Try to dig deeper than the traditional team player, confident and trustworthy. Those are all good. But try to think how many people also use those words. If no words come to mind, think of a value statement that best describes what you bring to the table. You may choose to go with a few descriptive words and end with what you do best.

  1. Develop your elevator pitch and USE IT

Your elevator pitch is your preparation for your 30 – 60 seconds of fame when the right listener comes along. No! Your elevator pitch is your 30 – 60 second personal summary to introduce who you are, what you do and how you would like to bring value to an organization.

For an elevator pitch to be really successful it should include:

  • Who you are
  • What you do or are looking to do
  • What value you bring – not all value has to be unique, but it should be value.
  1. Optimize your Online and Social Resume

You have already submitted the paper version of who you are. Now your electronic versions need to align and not conflict the way you have already portrayed yourself. With your personal brand as a theme, ensure that your experiences, job titles and described duties marry up with what you have on your paper resume. The first place most recruiters and hiring managers look is LinkedIn. This should be the first social resume you optimize.

  1. Build or increase your industry presence

I have heard too many job seekers say they are willing to work in any industry or any company. While that may work for some roles, if you are looking to get the interview and the job quickly, you have to specialize. Being general with experiences and skills can help you cross boundaries and promote mobility between industries. However, being more specific and targeted in one or two industries get you hired FASTER.

Use these five strategies to boost and optimize your chances of getting the interview and landing your dream job.


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