3 Reasons why you NEED a Job Search Strategy

3 Reasons why you NEED a Job Search Strategy

The job-seeker journey can be a long and frustrating one. You send out hundreds of resumes, complete countless phone interviews, meet for in-person interviews and then the silence. You wait, call, email, follow on social media and then the post goes away. The role has been filled. What’s worse? It was filled weeks ago, but you never heard. You reflect. What could you have done differently?  Don’t fall into a rut and run out of steam. Albert Einstein describes ineffective routines best, “Insanity, doing the same thing over and over again but expecting the same results.” Get a job search strategy.

Did your light bulb just go off? Maybe? If not, it may be because this is not a foreign concept to you. What is a job search strategy? How do I develop one? That sounds like more work. Whenever I hear job seekers say something sounds like more work I ask them two questions: What has your current strategy done for you lately? Do you want to get hired faster? The job search is a journey, but I am pretty sure all job seekers want to complete the journey in the shortest amount of time with the fewest hiccups so they can start enjoying their dream job.

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons why you NEED a job search strategy:

  1. To stay focused

If you haven’t narrowed down the type of industry, company or role you are looking for, you are probably applying to everything that ‘looks good’ or you seem to be qualified for. While that is a strategy, if it has not landed you a job yet, perhaps you need to change that.

Landing your dream job can take hours or it can take months, sometimes even years. Don’t run out of steam by applying everywhere to everything. Identifying and using a job search strategy will help you stay focused, apply to high-probability jobs, and reduce your chances of running out of steam.

  1. Optimize your job search activities

Job search activities have moved past just showing up at the office for an interview or mailing in your resume. There is crafting resumes and personalized cover letters, networking , following influencers, preparing for several rounds of interviews, pre-employment tests all while balancing the other priorities in your life.

Having a job search strategy helps you keep your focus on proven, high result activities that increase your chances of getting hired.

  1. Identify and leverage your competitive advantage

Chances are, unless you are a Feng Shui Consultant or Astrophysicist, there are other people out there with similar skills. You need to find a strategy that helps you demonstrate how you are different and why the hiring manager should choose you instead. Describing and communicating your competitive advantage (what makes you unique and different) will be a key component of your job search strategy once you choose one.

A job search strategy keeps you focused, helps you optimize and leverage your competitive advantage to get you hired FASTER! Break out from the pack and develop your job search strategy today.



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