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Are you feeling stuck in your career? Confused about what you need to do next to get your career and life on track? Are you feeling frustrated after trying on your own but not getting the results you wanted?

As a Career and Life Transition Coach and HR Consultant I empower and enable people who feel stuck, confused, overwhlemed and scared navigate career and life transitions with effective and personalized strategies to gain clarity and confidence to achieve their goals.

Where are you right now?


Are you planning for a new job? New career move? Becoming your own boss? Anticipating a new life change? I can help you plan and navigate your change with clarity and confidence.

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Have you already started your new job? Started to execute your plan for your new business? Navigating the early days of a new family or personal challenge? I can help you focus, refocus, take charge and conquer your change!


Not sure if you are going through a change or transition? Perhaps you are just feeling overwhlmed, stressed, pressured and frustrated with not living the life you always wanted. I can help you gain clarity on your purpose, and goals and help you strategize to create the life you always wanted for yourself.

I can help you…

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Gain the clarity you need to define your goals, discover your purpose and move your career and life forward on your terms.

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Don’t miss out on another opportunity to show up in your career and life. Gain the confidence you need to show up at work, at home and navigate difficult life challenges.

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Don’t settle for a generic 3, 5, or 10 step process. Get a strategy that is as unique as you and your goals, using proven principles and tools that work.


Taking charge of your career and life can start with one decision…


Career Coaching

I can help you discover your passion, move into your dream role, create a strategy to navigate your job search, achieve that raise or promotion, or move into entrepreneurship with clarity and confidence.

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Life Coaching

I can help you navigate some of the most stressful life transitions - becoming a mother, moving to a new country, navigate confusion, indecision, doubt, frustration and overwhlem to take charge of your life and conquer your change!

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Coaching for Business

I can help your HR team, newly promoted leaders and leaders-in-the-making transition into leadership and learn how to manage difficult personalities, have difficult conversations, provide feedback and become more effective and empathetic leaders.


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“Aldeen is one of the most well informed & helpful HR specialists I have met. She has taken it on herself to help employees in every way possible as well as employers navigate the workspace in a way that everyone comes out a winner.
Highly recommended.”
— Alae H.

“Aldeen is a professional at what she does and is always informative in her field of expertise.”

— Cameron S.

“Thank you Aldeen for the tremendous support, kindness and understanding you have shown myself and the group during the difficult task of job searching. You have made the journey enjoyable with your encouraging words and HR knowledge. Thank you forming the Careers and Coffee meetup for a supportive and warm environment to share our struggles, experience and successes. Keep up the great work.”
— RIck K.

“Aldeen (she) has many tools, great work ethic and will care about your business.”

— Rob B.